About Us

The founder of 'Fabulous at 40+' had a dream (well, an obsession really) to help women over 40 feel stylish, elegant and unique every day and at every occasion.

The 'Fabulous at 40+' jewellery collection was born out of a passion for beautiful objects and natural appreciation for elegance and class of sophisticated, mature women. 

With a background in fashion and fine arts, she felt there was a gap to fill in the world of media-saturated superficial beauty where images of elegant women over 40 are non-existent - despite of the fact that they are more beautiful, stylish and classy then they were in their twenties! 

We believe that youth is not a pre-requisite for having fun with fashion and style - it is time for 'the invisible beauty and style over 40' to shine!

You worked hard all your life and you don't need an occasion to reward yourself, Accentuate your beauty with a few unique details and radiate class and confidence everywhere you go.


We can’t wait to help you look fabulous today!

🌸 To support fight against cancer, we donate a fixed portion of proceeds (2.5%) from each awareness item to Children's Cancer Institute of Australia under a formal fundraising agreement. We are also in a process of finalising a fundraising agreement with another leading cancer charity organisation. 🌸